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Our Construction Site Camera is based on Canon eos photo technology 4G LTE and can be used on construction sites without internet connection. The connection is 100% secure as no components are installed in foreign networks, thus, no time consuming security clarifications need to me made.

You’ll only need a DATA SIM Card (no SIM Lock) with at least 5 GB data volume / month and a 230V power outlet. Plug and play!

The image size is 4 – 10 MB and pictures are made every 5 – 30 minutes according to your package. Therefor, the data volume must be well calculated as we do not want to exceed the provided storage facilities (5 GB/month).

You will note that the image quality of a DSLR Photo Camera is significantly superior to any other standart webcam.

The Photo Camera solution meets all legal data protection requirements for Switzerland and the EU.

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