Construction Webcam with DSLR Photocamera


The Construction Webcam produces images of excellent quality. 18 MP 5184 x 3456 PX. The reflex (SLR) camera is every normal Webcam considerably superior. This IP Webcam was not built for ordinary photography but specifically for security. The Canon EOS DSRL Webcam is with its depth of sharpness, outstanding brightness, dynamic scope, colour fidelity and focus way ahead of any other. Therefore photos maintain their captivation and persuasion. Logos, text and pixelated areas can also be integrated into the images. Your task is to organise a suitable location for the construction webcam. Ideally on a neighbouring or adjacent building. The camera is fitted with a 18-55 mm 80 degree lens. Optionally can also be used with all available Canon lenses (10-18 mm WW 104 degree).

We recommend the WIFI webcam only to be connected in your private network, because responsibility of safeness/technical problems using external IT products may fall back on you.

Subsequently you will receive 5 image links to be able to integrate the live images into your website.

An archive website with time laps is included free of charge. The image quality of a DRSL Photo Camera is considerably superior of any other.

The Photo Webcam is the only construction camera with documented solution with data protection approval in Switzerland.

A video camera that is capaple of livestreaming is not allowed in Germany/Europe.

Construction Webcamera live Original Pictures

Construction Webcamera live Archiv

Construction Camera Company Swiss

Construction Camera Company Swiss


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  • PRICE: from CHF 2480 .- exkl. TAX / VAT and postage

  • Partner: Germany and Austria

WIFI Canon EOS Construction Camera Outdoor

Construction Site Photo Camera with Canon EOS DSLR

Construction Site Photo Camera with Canon EOS DSLR